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Sherpa, the people of Tibet meaning of Tibetan language is “People from Oriental”. Its ethnic origin has not yet been determined. Some say that Tibetan materials and internal legends say that the local people of Tibet are descendants of the refugee group of the Shisha royal family. They fled to Qamdo during the Mongolian era (in one case it means Qamdo, Shisha, and Damxung belong to the ancient Qiang ethnic group), and then lived in the interior of Tibet. For a period, I went to the southern Himalayas. Some local Tibet people believe that they originated from the Muya people in Sichuan. The local Tibet people in China are typical in Zhangmu Valley and neighbor Chentang Valley.

According to linguistic research, this group of Tibet people belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family. Sherpas in Tibet mainly live in Lixin Village, Xuebugang Village, Zhangmu Township, Nyelam County, and Chentang Town, Dingjie County, or Zhangmu Valley and Chentang Valley.